4 Reasons Why Australians Love Sport

Australia is a nation known for our love of sport. It is one of the most sport-oriented countries in the world. Sport is a powerful tool of unity and community and as a small country, we embrace this. People may have different reasons for loving sport, and we want to share our reasons.

We love how sport brings people together

One of the best things about sport is how it brings people together. For the duration of the game, no-one sees the differences. No-one is fighting or hating.

People of all kinds come together to enjoy a great game of rugby or football. The community that sport creates is one of our favourite things about sport.

We love the feeling of unity that sport creates

This links with the first reason. When we gather at a stadium or in front of our televisions, we are united. There are very few things in the world that can unite people the way sport does.

This has been seen over and over again in other countries too. South Africa is a good example of the unifying power of sport.

We love the food at sports events

There is no denying that we like food. The food that goes with watching our favourite sports, is another reason why we love sport. Whether it is hot dogs or chips or barbecue, or all of them, we just love it. We sometimes wonder if the food might be the main reason why we watch the game.

We love supporting something good, strong, and positive

The world is a strange and not always friendly place. Uniting for a rugby match or a football game is good. It is positive. Our teams and the players are strong. Just watching them and experiencing the game with them, makes us strong too. Supporting something positive always makes us feel positive as well.

You probably have a few other reasons to add to our list. Let us know what they are. We like our reasons, and we hope you also share some of them.

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