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Online marketing and advertising have become the norm. Few businesses can get away with not having some sort of an online presence. Della Hyde online sports magazine offers you an opportunity to expand your reach.

Why Should I Advertise

Advertise in our online magazine and reach more of your target audience. You may even find that you have an unexpected new audience to market to. We offer you the opportunity to increase your business exposure. Online exposure and a positive presence can be instrumental to success.

Who Can Advertise?

Anyone with something that relates to sports. Clothing, nutrition, sports gear, vitamins, supplements, and even entertainment sells well. If sports lovers will find value in your product or business services, you can advertise on Della Hyde.

If you are unsure, send us an email and we can help you decide if advertising here is right for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply send us an email with a short description of your business or product. Also, include a sample advertisement so we can see if it meets our website requirements. We will respond with available spots.

We may also need to request some changes to the advertisement to make sure we can use it (technical side of things).

What Will it Cost?

The cost of an advertisement depends on a few things. Larger advertisements (banner ads) are more expensive than other spots. The cost will also be influenced by the period the advertisement will run.

We have different cycles that you can choose from. We send you more information when you contact us.

How Many Ads Can I Buy?

You are welcome to buy more than one advertisement spot. However, they might not run at the same time. As mentioned before, we work with cycles. New ads only run when a cycle has ended.

If you want to find a new and more direct way to reach your target market, advertise here. We are looking forward to receiving your email.